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Tomasz Glanc (organ--Germany)

Dr. Tomasz Glanc graduated from the Music Academy in Gdansk, where he studied “Conducting” with Professor Rubin and two years later “Concert organ” with Professor Bator. He participated in various master classes in organ, piano and conducting and is himself teaching master classes in organ improvisation as a guest lecturer. T. Glanc has been giving concerts in Europe, Asia and America since many years not only as an organist but also as a pianist with an emphasis on own compositions and improvisations, in many styles: from Baroque and Romanticism to Jazz. He performs both solo and with soloists and orchestras. There are numerous recordings from his visits on radio as well as on television. Till date, a total of 7 Live-DVDs and 60 CDs have been released. He had reached the final of the international improvisation competition “Jazz and church organ” which resulted in numerous concerts and radio recordings. His compositions include more than 6200 pages of score, composed of 950 titles and published in 72 booklets. Amongst others these are: vocal and orchestral creations; organ transcriptions with works by Bach, Chopin, Gershwin, Reger and Schuman; the organ cycles “Bach, Jazz und Orgel” and “Chopin und Orgel”; original compositions for organ; compositions for piano, vocals, organ, saxophone, violin, cello, clarinet, flute and guitar; organ compositions from the series “In Memoriam” and compositions from the series “Dancing pipes”, e.g. ‘Latin Dances’ with Bossa Nova, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Tango; “Orchestra Works” with organ transcriptions of famous orchestral works, such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and “Polish National Dances” including five Polish national dances; three organ symphonies; composition series “Time” for organ and piano and “Orgel-Duo” for two players, four hands and four feet; a set of modern songs for organ from the Catholic and Protestant hymnal; four Latin Masses: “Missa Jubilate” for orchestra, choir and soloists, a gospel mass “Missa pro Pace” for a jazz sextet, “Missa Triumphalis” for orchestra, choir and soloists as well as “Missa Brevis” for choir and organ; “Thomas Oratorium” for orchestra, piano, choir and soloists; the Christmas Oratorio “Liebestraum”; Symphony No. 1 in F major; the passion cantata “Via Dolorosa” and the Christmas stories “Christmas time”. He wrote music for four children’s musicals “Der verlorene Sohn”, “Die Hochzeit zu Kana”, “Der alte Hirte”, “Ich brauche Liebe” and the antiwar musical “Good morning Baghdad“ against the war in Iraq. Tomasz Glanc manages an own music school and works as cantor and organist. He is the artistic director of two music festivals in Poland and Germany, President of the Polish Musicians’ Association in Germany and Jury Chairman of two competitions for young talents “Köln-Breslau-Paris” in Aachen and Cologne. In May 2009, he was given the highest award of the Polish Congress in Germany in the category “culture” and in July 2009, he was chosen the major personality of the Masurian area in Poland. T. Glanc received the doctor’s degree in music, based on his dissertation with the title “Organ Improvisation Art with Jazz Elements”.