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Rolf Mueller (organ--Germany)

Organist at the Cathedral of Altenberg

Rolf Müller, organ, is since 2001 cathedral organist and cantor at the cathedral of Altenberg (Germany) and artistic director of the cathedral music. This includes the direction of the Spiritual Lunchtime Music, the International Organ Festival, as well as the direction of the Catholic choirs at the Cathedral (Chamber Choir Capella nova and Chorale School). Since 2002, he is also responsible for the management and execution of the International Altenberger Organ Academy for Improvisation.
Numerous radio and CD recordings u.a. at the Klais organ of the cathedral are present.
Concerts as organist and conductor.
Organ concerts led him as a soloist to Spain, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and the whole of Germany.
In addition to a very broad stylistic repertoire of baroque, classical and romantic music to classical modernism, Müller also cultivates in a special way the art of organ improvisation, that is, the musical impromptu play.
As a conductor he conducted numerous important oratorios and great works of sacred music (such as Bach’s Mass in B Minor and St. Matthew Passion, Handel’s Messiah, Mendelssohn Symphony “Lobgesang” and Psalms 42 and 95, Schubert’s Mass in E flat major, Brahms’ Requiem, Mozart’s c Minor Mass and Requiem, all major Haydn Masses, etc.)

Born in 1972 in Freudenstadt, his first teachers were Willy Ricke (Rottenburg) and Stephan Rommelspacher (then Villingen, today Leipzig).

From 1993 to 2000 studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts “Mozarteum” in Salzburg in catholic church music and concert organ organ u.a. with Prof. Dr. Heribert Metzger (organ), Dr. Wolfgang Kreuzhuber (improvisation) and choral conducting with Prof. Hans-Joachim Rotzsch and choir and orchestra direction with Prof. Albert Anglberger. 1997 B-exam (diploma), 1999 A-exam (diploma) and 2000 diploma in organ concert, all with distinction.
Müller received the award of the Federal Ministry for Science of the Republic of Austria for outstanding artistic achievements.

He attended masterclasses with Guy Bovet, Wolfgang Zerer, Jon Laukvik, Andrea Marcon, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Michael Belotti, Daniel Roth, Michael Radulescu and Harald Vogel.

1998-2001 he was organist at the pilgrimage basilica Maria Plain near Salzburg and director of the Music and Culture Association Laufen. Müller taught at the Church Music Department of the Archdiocese of Salzburg.