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Choir "Accolada" (Latvia)

Artistic director
Oksana Čerkasova (Latvia)

Conductor : Oksana Čerkasova
Concertmaster: Tatyana Zorina

Founded in 1988 in Children and Youth Centre “Rīgas Skolēnu pils” (“Riga Pupils’ Palace”), the “Accolada” choir has developed into 3 age groups: juniors, youth choir and chamber choir. Since 1997 the choir has toured extensively and participated in international choral competitions and festivals. Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are among its most prominent tours. In Latvia “Accolada” choir is known for being the laureate of the 2000; 2005; 2010; 2015 Song Festivals. The core repertoire is extensive. It includes works of Russian classical music, sacred music, modern music by Latvian composers.
The choir takes an active part in the concert life of Riga. Organizes charity concerts, international choral meetings, workshops. Collaborates with choirs from the Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia.