Твое место среди первых

Подпишись на новости фонда, получай актуальную афишу, уникальные промокоды и специальные предложения на билеты!

According to our tradition, at the end of the year the “De Boni Arte” Foundation gathers the best Russian musicians for a gala concert in the Catholic Cathedral of Moscow. Each of them prepares an impressive Christmas and New Year’s program, and all together they present a kind of “hit parade” of festive music! This time distinguished artists will perform Christmas music together with their kids, and some of the latter have already gained popularity!

Gala concert… It always presupposes that we will get the “the best”. The word “gala” was borrowed from French, it means “celebration”, “feast”. Usually it is applied to the parade of pop stars at the end of an important festival or competition.

For many years running, this is the way the Cathedral on Malaya Gruzinskaya st. has been closing the calendar year. The favourites of the public choose from their repertoire a rather small but most beautiful, brilliant and joyful composition to decorate the invisible but splendid musical Christmas tree.

This time a New Year’s surprise is awaiting the audience. The famous maestros will be accompanied by their gifted children. Many of them, in spite of their young age, have won prizes at international competitions. Not only will these family ensembles demonstrate high professional skills, but they will create a special cosy atmosphere that goes perfectly well with the New Year’s mood.

The musical Christmas tree is richly decorated with various musical instruments: harps, violins, oboe, cello, percussion, euphonium, saxophone, lute… and the Russian balalaika will be there too! But, as usual, it is by the king, the big organ of the Cathedral, that the musical ball will be directed.

The programme corresponds perfectly to the occasion: there are plenty of gentle Christmas tunes, Vivaldi, Bach, Shubert, Dvořák… This is a fantastic chance to get infused with positive emotions for the whole of next year.

Honoured Artist of Russia, BBC's musical commentator
Alexander Maykapar (organ)

Honoured Artist of Russia
Alexander Trostyansky (violin)

Laureate of international competitions
Alexey Solonovich (cello)

Titular organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Moscow, laureate of international competitions
Anna Vetlugina (organ)

Soloist of Yury Bashmet's "New Russia" State Symphony Orchestra
Anton Antonov (oboe)

Laureate of an international competition
Anton Bulkin (cello)

Laureate of an international competition
Denis Shapovalov (cello)

Laureate of an international competition
Dmitry Bulkin (trombone)

Laureate of international competitions
Ekaterina Ivanova (organ)

Laureate of a European competition and an international competition, professor at the Moscow Conservatory
Elena Tsybko (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Fatima Dzusova (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Ilona Ananyina (soprano)

Laureate of international competitions
Leonid Guryev (cornet, flugelhorn)

Pupil of the Central School of Music of the Moscow State Conservatory, laureate of international competitions
Luca Lelyuk (French horn)

Laureate of all-Russian competitions
Maria Parshina (organ)

Laureate of an international competition
Marianna Moskalyova (lute)

Laureate of international competitions, Soloist of Yury Bashmet's "New Russia" State Symphony Orchestra
Nina Gvamichava (harp)

Laureate of international competitions
Rustam Komachkov (cello)

Pupil of the Central School of Music of the Moscow State Conservatory, laureate of international competitions
Sofia Moskalyova (harp)

Laureate of international competitions
Svetlana Polyanskaya (soprano)

Laureate of an international competition
Tatiana Andrianova (organ)

Diploma holder of international festivals Member of the Royal College of Organists (London)
Vikenty Maykapar (organ)

Soloist of Yury Bashmet's "New Russia" State Symphony Orchestra
Vladislav Osipov (percussion)

Christmas songs “What child is this”, “Let it snow”, “White Christmas”, “Blue Christmas”

Performed by Nina Gvamichava (harp), Vladislav Osipov (percussion), Anton Antonov (oboe), Ilona Ananyina (soprano), Pavel Ananyin (triangle), Masha Osipova and Denis Osipov (violins), Victoria Antonova (bells), Alexey Solonovich (cello) and Tatiana Andrianova (organ)

A. Vetlugina

“Christmas Night”

Performed by Sofia Moskalyova (harp), Marianna Moskalyova (lute), Luca Lelyuk (French horn), Ignat Vetlugin (percussion), Pyotr Lelyuk (balalaika) and Anna Vetlugina (organ)

O. Bohme

Prelude and fugue (3 voices), Ор. 28,  no. 1

Performed by Ilya Guryev (tuba), Nikolay Guryev (tenor) and Leonid Guryev (cornet)

A. Vivaldi

Concerto in G minor, part II (arranged for cello and flugelhorn)

Performed by Valery Ivanov (cello), Леонид Leonid Guryev (cornet, flugelhorn) and Ekaterina Ivanova (organ)

F.X. Gruber

“Stille nacht”

F. Schubert

“Ave Maria”

Performed by Svetlana Polyanskaya (soprano) and Maria Polyanskaya (soprano)

A. Vivaldi

Largo-Allegro from “Winer” (“The Four Seasons”)

Performed by Elena Tsybko (organ) and Masha Parshina (organ)

S. Etinger

Heavenly Lullaby “Sleep my Angel”. Dedicated to Christ

Performed by Ilona Ananyina (soprano) and Tatiana Andrianova (organ)

A. Dvořák


J.S. Bach

Prelude in C major

Performed by Anton Bulkin (cello), Fatima Dzhusova (organ), Lev Bulkin (euphonium) and Dmitry Bulkin (trombone)

R. Glière

Duet no. 1

J.-M. Leclair

Adagio from Sonata no. 6

Performed by Alexander Trostyansky (violin) and Andrey Trostyansky (violin)

J.S. Bach

Double concerto in C minor, BWV 1060, part I

Chorale prelude “Das alte Jahr vergangen ist”, BWV 614

Performed by Alexander Maykapar (organ) and Vikenty Maykapar (organ)

Popular Christmas and New Year pieces of music

We listened to: Balalaika, Bells, Cello, Cornet, Euphonium, Flugelhorn, French horn, Harp, Kuhn Organ, Lute, Oboe, Organ, Percussion, Saxophone, Triangle, Trombone, Tuba, Violin, Voice

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