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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 29 September 2018 года

Organ for children

The concert features:

Ingeborga Lubomirska (declamation)
Maria Aria (soprano)
Maria Moiseeva (organ)
Natalia Dubrovskaya (soprano)

Programme: N. Rimsky-Korsakov, Komitas, P. A. Yon, J. Brahms, L. Boëllmann, D. Pisador, old Spanish and Sephardic songs.

Do you want to visit a wonderland where people turn into birds? You would be able to fly high in the sky listening to the Cathedral’s bells ringing and to the muezzin calling to prayer. Old Spanish and Sephardic music, unusual beautiful clothes, the distinct beat of the tambourine and a gentle duo of female voices accompanied by the organ… The story-teller becomes a character of the tale, she plays an old drum, at times plunging into the music and at times standing on the shore as an attentive and sensitive observer. Say “mutabor” and the dream will come true. However it is strictly forbidden to laugh during the procedure!

Theatre and cinema actress
Ingeborga Lubomirska (declamation)

Laureate of international competitions
Maria Aria (soprano)

Laureate of an all-Russian competition and an international competition, "Andrés Segovia – José Miguel Ruiz Morales" prize winner
Maria Moiseeva (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Natalia Dubrovskaya (soprano)

Based on Wilhelm Hauff’s fairy tale “Caliph Stork”


Old Sephardic song “La reina Jerifa mora”


N. Rimsky-Korsakov

Eastern Romance



Dear Shoger


P. A. Yon



J. Brahms

Die Schwestern (the Sisters)


L. Boëllmann

Toccata from Suite Gothique


D. Pisasor

La mañаna de Sant Juan



The Crane


Old Sephardic song “La rosa enflorence”


Spanish Folk song “Las morillas de Jaen”


Sephardic Folk song “Cuando el Rey Nimrod”

Who is the concert meant for?

This is a concert for the whole family, in which the main spectator is the child. It does not matter how old he is. Both kids and adults love fairy tales. And everyone sometimes wants to become “just a child” for a while. The concert gives both adults and kids an opportunity to immerse themselves in a fairy tale, oblivious to time and “adult” worries.

Why should we attend this concert?

Go through famous masterpieces of world literature and fairy tales in our “Organ to children” series. Organ music gives them a new dimention, hitherto unknown but so curious! There are children (but also adults) that take a liking to books after attending fairy tale performances in the Cathedral!

We listened to: Kuhn Organ, Organ, Percussion, Voice

Tags: Classical music and classical literature, Concert for the whole family, Fairy tale