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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 29 April 2018 года


Organ, lute, lyre, psalter, harp, percussion and voice

The concert features:

Anastasia Bondareva (mezzo-soprano)
Anna Toncheva (descant lute, bouzouki, baglamadaki, vihuela, arpa doppia)
Tatiana Zenaishvili (organ)
Yulia Makaryants (singing, percussion)

Programme: Medieval songs, Marcabru, Alfonso X el Sabio, A. Grandi, C. Monteverdi, G. F. Sances

Closing our Easter Festival we turn to the origins. Antique Christian songs will be sung according to genuine monastic manuscripts, with musical instruments that can be seen in medieval miniatures and very rarely in a concert venue. Joined by organ and percussion, they create an inimitable sound taking us into the depths of time and meaning. Is it there that the truth is hiding?

Coptic Easter Song “Christ is Risen”

Bysantine Easter Song “Christ is Risen”


Pastorela “L’autrier just’ una sebissa”

Laudario di Cortona (late 8th c.)

Lauda “Altissima Luce”

“Red Book of Montserrat” (14th c.)

Ballata “Los Set Gotxs”

Canon “Laudemus Virginem”

Canon “Splendens ceptigera”

“Ad mortem festinamus”

Anonymous Italian author of the 14th c.



Alfonso X el Sabio

“Las Cantigas de Santa Maria”

Anonymous French author of the 15th c.

Chanson de Noël

École de Notre-Dame de Paris (c. 1150–1250)

Motet “Domine fidelium”

A. Grandi

“Cantabo Domino”

C. Monteverdi

“Laudate Dominum”

G. F. Sances

“Audite me, divini fructus”

Who is the event meant for?

For those who like enigmas and mysteries, for thoughtful and curious readers. For those who enjoy the novels of Jules Verne and Dumas, who never lose the hope to travel through time and take a look at the precious manuscripts that supply music for our concert.

As for those who are not that interested in history, they will appreciate the wide range of festive “hits” covering almost two thousand years.

Besides, rare instruments are waiting for you: it’s a treat just to look at them, to say nothing about listening to them!

We listened to: Baroque harp, Bow psalter, Kuhn Organ, Lute, Lyre-cithara, Percussion, Voice

Tags: Celebration, Middle Ages, Mysticism, Period instruments, Times and epochs, Unparalleled concert