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Location: A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow

Концерт состоялся 28 October 2018 года

A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, Blue Room

Attention please!!! The concert is held at the A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow (not in the Cathedral!).

This amazing concert is a journey to musical cultures of the world. We will listen to Romanian, Moldavian, Scottish, Crimean tunes… and to extraordianary instruments: crystal harp, flutes of love and more… You will find out why Banshee cries, what songs rice pickers sing, you will enter the chamber of expectations and try to learn how to dance the waltz on tree branches.

Romanian improvisation
Improvisation for flute and organ
Crimea’s legends
Ballade of what the wind has whispered
Picking rice
Banshee’s cry
Chamber of expectations
Refuge of forgotten dreams
Moldavian lullaby
Waltz on tree branches

Who is the concert meant for?

For the lovers or ethnic music and of meditations.

Why go there?

Extraordinary folk musical instruments meet with a cinema organ.

We listened to: Allen Organ, Guitar, Harp, Percussion, Voice