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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 26 October 2019 года

Organ for children

The concert features:

Anna Vetlugina (organ, harpsichord)
Dmitry Maximenko (organ)
Ignat Vetlugin (saxhorn alto)
Igor Bakanov (trombone, euphonium)
Nikolay Pavlov (saxhorn tenor)
Yuly Kotov (countertenor)

Programme: J.-B. Senaillé, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Schnittke, A. Rybnikov, V. Vavilov, A. Vetlugina and others

In our time news are available on line, but a medieval city didn’t even have newspapers. News were spread by tower trumpeters. Their signals covered many miles and announced the time of day, the approach of a royal cortege or of an enemy, fire alarm or a joust. The best trumpeters were chosen to occupy this prominent position. They were the first to learn everything and became treasuries of interesting stories.
This concert takes you to a medieval city: you will listen to authentic tower signals and to curious city legends. Harpsichord, organ and old brass instruments will perform Renaissance compositions. What’s more, an angelic countertenor will sing songs from Soviet films about the Middle Ages and the legendary “Golden City” from Aquarium’s repertoire.

Titular organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Moscow, laureate of international competitions
Anna Vetlugina (organ, harpsichord)

Organist of St Andrew's Anglican Church in Moscow
Dmitry Maximenko (organ)

Laureate of an international competition
Ignat Vetlugin (saxhorn alto)

Laureate of international competitions, artist of V. Spivakov's National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia and soloist of National Philharmonic Orchestra's Brass Quintet
Igor Bakanov (trombone, euphonium)

Laureate of an international competition
Nikolay Pavlov (saxhorn tenor)

A. Schnittke

“Flight” from the film “A Tale of Travels”


A. Vetlugina

There is a Strange City


Anonymous, 16th century

Sonata for trombone and continuo


A. Rybnikov

“Johannes” from the film  “Andersen. A Life without Love”


G. Ch. Wagenseil

Concerto for trombone and continuo


A. Schnittke

Mary’s song from the film “Little Tragedies”


J.-B. Senaillé

Allegro for trumpet and continuo


A. Vivaldi

Sonata No. 6 for bass trumpet and continuo


V. Vavilov

Over the Blue Sky


P. Tchaikovsky

Old French Song (arranged for bass trumpet, organ and harpsichord by A. Vetlugina)


E. Krylatov

Old Clock Tower Strikes…

We listened to: Euphonium, Harpsichord, Organ, Saxhorn alto, Saxhorn tenor, Trombone, Voice