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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 26 July 2017 года

Cathedral's Eve

The concert featured:

Laureate of all-Russian and international competitions
Dmitry Ushakov (organ)

Programme: J.S. Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Leipzig Chorales may be called “the best” of his organ works collected by the author himself. In the last decade of his life Bach was summarizing the results of his creative activity. He edited a lot of things and eliminated some. For his final chorale collection he chose seventeen best pieces written during his whole life, and he composed one more shortly before his death. This piece has an eloquent title: “Before your throne I now appear”. Unfortunately the great composer never published the collection, but all the selected chorales have been preserved until our time and continue to delight both experts and simple music lovers.

Laureate of all-Russian and international competitions
Dmitry Ushakov (organ)

J.S. Bach

18 Leipzig Chorales, BWV 651-668

We listened to: Kuhn Organ

Tags: Around Bach, Genuine organ as it should be, Virtuoso performance

Concert photos «J.S. Bach. Leipzig Chorales»

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