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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 26 June 2019 года

Listening to the Kuhn organ

The concert featured:

Peter Ouwerkerk (organ, the Netherlands)

Programme: J. S. Bach, C. Franck, F. Liszt, A. Heiller, P. Ouwerkerk

Peter Ouwerkerk is one of the leading organists of the Netherlands, Artistic and General Manager of an organ festival, chief editir of a magazine on music and conductor of a chamber choir. Not only is his every recital a demonstration of high skills, but he also has an excellent taste in choosing compositions for his program. This time we are going to enjoy works by J. S. Bach, C. Franck and F. Liszt. As for musical discoveries, there are Tanz-Toccata by A. Heiller, Austrian composer of the 20th century, and Ouwerkerk’s improvisation on a Russian tune.

Peter Ouwerkerk lives in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), where he studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory ‘Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck’. Since his Graduation Concert Recital (1995) in St Bavo Church in Haarlem, and winning the first prize with his performance of Julius Reubke’s ‘Sonata on Psalm 94’ during the International ‘Rijnstreek’ Organ Competition in Nijmegen (1994), he works steadily and successfully on an international career as concert organist. He performed in all important Dutch churches and Concert Halls (including the Amsterdam Concertgebouw) and also in London, Edinburgh, Rome, Reykjavik, Beijing and Harbin (China) and several cities in Germany and France, including Paris and Toulouse. In Russia and Belarussia, he was invited multiple times in Minsk, Polotsk, Saratov, Wolgograd, Penza, Moscow, Uljanovsk and Astrachan. Besides his activities as recitalist, he is author of articles on musical themes, chief editor of a Dutch magazine on music, and Artistic and General Manager of the International Organfestival Haarlem (see www.organfestival.nl). Besides this, he is conductor of a chamber choir VociVivaci, with which he performs programs with various repertoire from Bach to contemporary composers. Peter Ouwerkerk is also organ teacher and for the national Dutch church, he coordinates the education of church musicians.

J. S. Bach

Toccata and fugue in D minor, BWV 565


C. Franck

Prelude, fugue and variations


J. S. Bach

Organ concerto in D minor (after A. Vivaldi), BWV 596


A. Heiller

Tanz-Toccata (1970)


J. S. Bach

Organ sonata in D major


P. Ouwerkerk

Improvisation on a Russian tune


F. Liszt

Prelude and fugue on the name B-A-C-H

We listened to: Kuhn Organ