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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 26 January 2018 года

Concert projects

An organ concert striking your fancy!

The concert features:

Francis Vidil (organ, trumpet and percussion, France)
Marina Omelchenko (organ)

Programme: classical style improvisations on pieces by Bach and other famous composers

Tonight selected classical hits will become young again and capture even the hearts of those who are far from loving classical music. Now we will find out what is true classical improvisation.

We are going to listen to the original version of famous masterpieces by Bach and other well-known composers and to a fresh one: the art of improvising, that is of creating music hear and now, will transform the old repertoire into something new, young and beautiful. It is as if Bach were our contemporary and composed his masterpieces in our presence, taking into consideration the peculiarities of our time, the fashionable trends and the pace of modern life.

Francis Vidil, improvising maestro, will use two organs: the legendary Kuhn of the Cathedral, one of the biggest organs in Russia, and the famous theatre Allen organ, an instrument of the new millennium. Its capacities are almost unlimited; technoligies and skills will achieve an incredible effect.

This beautiful evening will unite those who love classical music and those who don’t!


Tenure Professor of Versailles Conservatoire, Professor of Freiburg Conservatory of Music (Switzerland), Havana Conservatory and the Department of Music at the University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Francis Vidil (organ and trumpet, France) – improvisations

Titular organist of the Catholic Cathedral of Moscow

Marina Omelchenko (organ)

Laureate of international competitions, Tenure Professor of Versailles Conservatoire
Francis Vidil (organ, trumpet and percussion, France)

Titular organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Moscow
Marina Omelchenko (organ)

An evening uniting those who love classical music and those who don't!

We listened to: Allen Organ, Kuhn Organ, Organ, Trumpet

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