August 25 (Friday), 20:30–22:00
Адрес: ул. Малая Грузинская, 27/13
Серия: Cathedral's Eve


Olesya Kravchenko (organ)
Victoria Naletova (guitar)

В программе: J.S. Bach, C. Franck, J. Rodrigo, L. Rogg, G. Bovet, A. Barrios, L. Brouwer, E. Gismonti, E. Stefan, D. Borodaev, T. Bedetti

Билеты от 700 (350) до 1300
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The guitar may be called a musical instrument in the highest demand. We would hardly find a contemporary musical style doing without it. Jazz, rock, ethno… Even in the academic music it has been feeling at home since long ago. Tonight the guitar will demonstrate all its potential, not only technical, but intellectual as well. We are going to listen to French fugues and Cuban etudes and to find out what gentlemen think about and how the Venetian DNA works. Besides, the amazing story of turning water into wine is awaiting us. And we will certainly have dance beats. Fandango, waltzes and a lot of other energetic and lyrical things, with and without organ accompaniment. From Johann Sebastian Bach to our days. From Paraguay to Russia.

C. Franck

Prelude, fugue and variation (transcription for guitar and organ)

L. Brouwer

Etudes n. 11, 17, 20 for solo guitar

J.S. Bach

Toccata and Fugue in D minor (“Dorian”), BWV 538

J. Rodrigo

“Fantas?a para un gentilhombre” (for guitar and organ)

A. Barrios

Waltzes n. 3, 4 for solo guitar

L. Rogg

Fandango for organ

E. Gismonti

“?gua e Vinho” for guitar and organ

E. Stefan

“Star Rain” for solo guitar

G. Bovet

“Salamanca” (from “Three Hamburg Preludes” for organ)

D. Borodaev

“Arabesques” for guitar and organ

T. Bedetti

“Venetian DNA” (transcription for guitar and organ)

Внимание! В программе возможны изменения!

В концерте звучат: Guitar, Organ

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