July 23 (Sunday), 19:30–21:00
Адрес: ул. Малая Грузинская, 27/13
Серия: Cathedral's Eve


Anna Shkurovskaya (harp)
Anna Suslova (organ)
Petr Glavatskikh (marimba, Indian drums)

В программе: J.S. Bach, G.F. H?ndel, Ch.W. Gluck, C. Franck, G. Bizet

Билеты от 700 (350) до 1300
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Is there a musical instrument able to imitate the sound of the organ? Perhaps some of wind instruments, since the organ has plenty of pipes. Or is it the accordion? It is the organ’s closest relative and also belongs to the family of keyboard pipe instruments. However the experts will nominate an absolutely unexpected candidate: marimba. A certain combination of mallets can make us confuse its deep timbre with that of the Church organ. Besides marimba is a sort of bridge between musical styles. It is present in jazz, rock and academic music. It may also be heard in a Catholic cathedral. Its sound twinkles, either merging with the organ or contrasting with it. The participation of the harp will impart to the concert a special unearthly flavour.

J.S. Bach

Prelude and fugue in C major

Concerto for violin and strings No. 1 in A minor (transcription for marimba and organ)


G.F. H?ndel

Passacaglia for harp and organ


Ch.W. Gluck

Melody from the opera “Orfeo ed Euridice” (transcription for marimba, harp and organ)


J.S. Bach

Aria from Orchestral Suite No. 3 (transcription for marimba, harp and organ)


C. Franck

Prelude, fugue and variations (transcription for organ and harp)


Anonymous, 16th-17th century

“Greensleeves” (transcription for Indian drums and Celtic harp)


G. Bizet

Interlude from the opera “Carmen” (transcription for marimba, organ and harp)

Fantasy overture from the opera “Carmen” (transcription for marimba, organ and harp)

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В концерте звучат: Celtic harp, Harp, Indian drums, Kuhn Organ, Marimba, Organ

В нескольких словах (теги): Fairy tale, Musical journey, Organ and harp