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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 23 February 2019 года

Cathedral's Eve

The concert features:

ARTBENE Organ Duo: Anna Vetlugina & Dmitry Maximenko
Igor Bakanov (trombone, euphonium)

Programme: J. S. Bach. G. Holst, J.-M. Jarre, J. Williams, A. Rybnikov, E. Artemyev

For the first time in Russia”The Planets” by Gustav Holst will be performed on two organs: the Cathedral’s big Kuhn and an American theatre organ – by the Artbene duo. This majestic composition was the precursor of Hollywood’s contemporary musical style. Besides, the concert features a suite from the “Star Wars” and cosmic music by J.-M. Jarre and A. Rybnikov. Our special guest is Igor Bakanov (euphonium, trombone), soloist of V. Spivakov’s National Philharmonic Orchestra.

ARTBENE Organ Duo: Anna Vetlugina & Dmitry Maximenko

Titular organist of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral of Moscow, laureate of international competitions
Anna Vetlugina
Organist of St Andrew's Anglican Church in Moscow
Dmitry Maximenko

Laureate of international competitions, artist of V. Spivakov's National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia and soloist of National Philharmonic Orchestra's Brass Quintet
Igor Bakanov (trombone, euphonium)

J. Williams

Fantasia “Star Wars” (arranged for two organs)


J.-M. Jarre 

Oxygene (arranged for two organs)


A. Rybnikov

Fantasia on the soundtracks of the films “Per aspera ad astra” and “Star Boy” (arranged for euphonium and organ)

“Milky Way” from the film “Big Cosmic Journey” (arranged for euphonium and organ)


J. S. Bach – E. Artemyev

Music from the film “Solaris” (arranged for euphonium and organ)


G. Holst

Symphony suite “The Planets” (arranged for two organs)

We listened to: Euphonium, Kuhn Organ, Organ, Trombone