Концерт состоялся 21 July 2017 года
Серия: Evening by Candlelight


Fyodor Stroganov (organ)
Olga Dyachkovskaya (soprano)
Rustam Komachkov (cello)
Svyatoslav Moroz (violin)

В программе: J.S. Bach, Th. Arne, J. Brahms, F. Schubert, V. Vavilov, A. Dvořák, N. Paganini, J. Sybelius, J. Massenet

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Would you like to experience the whole spectrum of gentle feelings familiar to romanticism? To hear the voice of the fountain of love and the rustle of swan wings? To daydream with a young girl just back from a walk in a summer twilight? The sound of the cello is dark and mysterious, but the female voice is clear. In the solemn harmony of organ chords it sings both famous and unknown melodies.

Laureate of international competitions
Fyodor Stroganov (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Olga Dyachkovskaya (soprano)

Laureate of international competitions
Rustam Komachkov (cello)

Laureate of international competitions
Svyatoslav Moroz (violin)

Th. Arne


J. Brahms

Two sacred songs

F. Schubert

“Ave Maria”

V. Vavilov

“Ave Maria” (erroneously attributed to G. Caccini)

J.S. Bach

Aria from cantata No.57

A. Dvořák

“Romantic Pieces” (transcription for violin and organ)

N. Paganini

Duet for violin and cello

J. Sybelius

“Flickan kom ifrån sin älsklings möte” (transcription for cello and organ)

J. Massenet

“Meditation” from the opera Thaïs (transcription for cello and organ)

В концерте звучали: Cello, Kuhn Organ, Organ, Violin, Voice

В нескольких словах (теги): A romantic evening, Living candles, Organ and strings, World masterpieces

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