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Концерт состоялся 21 February 2018 года

Series: Mysterium Catholicum

What did Saint Mary feel standing by the cross? The text of “Stabat Mater” written centuries ago is still up-to-date because parents’ anxiety about their children is always understandable. But Mary was not only a mother of a human person, but also the Mother of God. No one’s faith in God was stronger than hers. Perhaps there was a moment when she lost her faith as she was standing by the cross, but then her faith came back stronger than ever. That is why the last stanza of the tragic hymn is filled with light.

Composers have often turned to this text, we may even say there exists a sort of genre called “Stabat Mater”, and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s compositions is rightly considered one of its gems. At our concert the sound of the immortal masterpiece is as close to the original as possible: indeed at that time emotional female voices were not employed in sacred music. Exact copies of antique instruments, a children’s choir and two countertenors will help to reconstruct the flavour of the epoch. “Our Lady’s Visions at the Cross” by a contemporary composer Anna Vetlugina  was also written for the text of “Stabat Mater”, which is repeated twice: for the first time it tells about death and for the second time about resurrection. Between these two points there are Mary’s memories of her Son.


"Cantilena" children's choir

Artistic directors: Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia Irena Sarnatskaya and Honorary Cultural Worker of Moscow Elena Salyuk
Conducted by Sergey Borovikov and Maria Kinzhalova

Titular organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Moscow, laureate of international competitions
Anna Vetlugina (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Nikolay Gladskikh (countertenor)

Outstanding pupil of the Central School of Music of the Moscow State Conservatory, laureate of international competitions
Sofia Moskalyova (Celtic harp)

G.B. Pergolesi

“Stabat Mater”

A. Vetlugina

“Our Lady’s Visions at the Cross”

A children’s choir will help us to look at the ancient story from various points of view. In Pergolesi’s version the depth of the feeling is highlighted by the reserved and pure intonation. In the modern version the children participate in the narration, telling on behalf of themselves this sad story, not meant for children. Their clear voices remind us once again that death does not exist.

We listened to: Children's choir, Harp, Kuhn Organ, Organ, Violin, Voice

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