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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 20 October 2018 года

Cathedral's Eve

Our favourite classical cinema

The concert features:

Avner Verius (violin)
Marina Omelchenko (organ)

Programme: tunes from our favourite films: Petersburg Nights, Romeo and Juliet, The Gadfly, La violetera, Don Quixote, Solaris, The Mirror, Young Frankenstein, Schindler's List etc. Music by J. S. Bach, N. Paganini, P. Sarasate, S. Prokofiev, D. Shostakovich, D. Kabalevsky, A. Piazzolla, J. Williams and more.

Cinema is a miraculous window into other worlds. Sometimes people go as far as to change their lives, being influenced by a film. To achieve such a strong effect, a whole team of gifted personalities work together: director, script writer, cameraman, actors. But we often remember a film thanks to its music. And as soon as we hear a few musical notes of a familiar tune, memories and feelings overwhelm us. Tonight’s concert features quite a few cinema images. But the music is so beautiful that we enjoy it even without a link to its cinematographic source. Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote, Solaris, Schindler’s List… these films offer us epoch-making melodies.

The expression “music for movies” presupposes that we don’t take this music seriously, because it is not independant and only serves to accompany the video. However tunes for films often become the musical symbol of a whole generation. The songs from the “17 Moments of Spring” are a good example in Russia.

Classical composers don’t hesitate to write music for films, and sometimes film-makers order a new version of a well-known tune, as is the case for the Bach-Artemiev composition for Tarkovsky’s Solaris.

Honoured Artist of Russia
Avner Verius (violin)

Titular organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Moscow
Marina Omelchenko (organ)

D. Kabalevsky

Improvisation (featured in film “Petersburg Nights”, USSR, 1934)


D. Shostakovich

Love song (featured in film “The Gadfly”, USSR, 1955)


K. Karaev

“Aldonsa” and “Pavane” (featured in film “Don Quixote”, USSR, 1963)


P. Sarasate

Playera (featured in film “La violetera”, Spain-Italy, 1958)


A. Piazzolla

Tango “Oblivion” (featured in film “Enrico IV”, Italy, 1984)


M. Skoryk

Melody (featured in film “The High Pass”, USSR, 1981)

Spanish Danse (from suite to Lesia Ukrainka’s “Stone Host”)


J. S. Bach

Chorale prelude “Ich ruf’ zu dir”, BWV 639 (featured in film “Solaris”, USSR, 1972)

Chorale prelude “Das alte Jahr vergangen ist”, BWV 614 (featured in film “The Mirror”, USSR, 1974)


S. Prokofiev

Six pieces from ballet “Romeo and Juliet” (featured in film-ballet “Romeo and Julien”, USSR, 1956) (transcribed for organ by E. Butuzov)


J. Williams

Lullaby for an Angel (featured in film “Schindler’s List”, USA, 1993)


J. Morris

Transylvanian Lullaby (featured in film “Young Frankenstein”, USA, 1974)


N. Paganini

Variations on one string on the theme of G. Rossini’s “Mosè in Egitto” (featured in film “Paganini”, USA, 2013)

Who is the concert meant for?

For the lovers of cinema as an art form and of classical music.

Why should we go there?

Music, closely associated with visual images, sounds in an unusual environment, recreating familiar themes.


We listened to: Kuhn Organ, Violin

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