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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 19 July 2017 года

Cathedral's Eve

Organ, harp and saxophone

The concert features:

Aydana Karasheva (harp)
Mikhail Katalikov (organ)
Yury Tashtamirov (saxophone)

Programme: C. Saint-Saëns, J. Massenet, Cl. Debussy, M. Ravel, R. Planel, Ch.-M. Widor, M. Grandjany and others

See Paris and die… Would it not be better to listen to Paris and remain alive? By the way we can do it without leaving Moscow. An exquisite evening of Parisian melodies is approaching. Waltzes, serenades and arabesques whirl like “falling leaves”. The famous song “Les feuilles mortes” will be there too, performed, unexpectedly, by organ, saxophone and harp.

Laureate of international competitions
Aydana Karasheva (harp)

Laureate of international competitions
Mikhail Katalikov (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Yury Tashtamirov (saxophone)

C. Saint-Saëns

Prelude and fugue in H-dur, Op.99, No. 2

R. Planel

“Evening Serenade”

M. Ravel

“Pavane pour une infante d?funte”

Ch.-M. Widor

From Organ Symphony No. 9 in C minor (Gothique), part I

J. Massenet

“Meditation” (transcription for organ, harp and saxophone)

M. Grandjany

“Aria in Classic Style” for harp and organ

J. Naulais

“Petite suite latine”

Cl. Debussy

Arabesque No. 1 (transcription for harp and saxophone)

H. Busser


L. Vierne

Finale of Organ Symphony No. 5 in A major

О. Дюран

“The Big Waltz”

D. Milhaud

Suite “Scaramouche” (transcription for organ and saxophone)

J. Kosma

“Les feuilles mortes” (transcription for organ, harp and saxophone)

Organ, harp and saxophone

We listened to: Harp, Organ, Saxophone

Tags: France, Organ and harp, Organ and saxophone

Concert photos «Paris! Paris!»

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