Концерт состоялся 17 March 2018 года
Серия: Concert for the Whole Family

Dedicated to St. Patrick


Anton Kotikov (saxophones, flute, recorder, duduk, didgeridoo)
Ingeborga Lyubomirskaya (declamation, singing, percussion)
Maria Kulakova (harp, celtic harp)
Maria Moiseeva (organ)

В программе: W. Byrd, Turlough O'Carolan, E. Grieg, M. Reger, C. Orff, R. Blackmore, A. Kotikov"

A fairy tale concert for adults and children in the Catholic Cathedral of Moscow. Dedicated to St. Patrick!

What can be better than travelling to unknown fairytalish places in good company? This afternoon the famous story told by Tolkien in “The Hobbit” will be presented in a completely new way, because it is the music that will plan a route for the courageous little hobbit! The harp’s charming voice will take the listeners to another world, and the combination of  various instruments will remind that true friendship and sincere feelings are always things that really matter.

The concert will help those who are perfectly familiar with the novel to take a fresh look on it, but will also be of interest to those who are newcomers to Tolkien’s wonderful worlds.

Laureate of international competitions
Maria Kulakova (harp, celtic harp)

Laureate of international competitions
Maria Moiseeva (organ)

W. Byrd

“La volta”

A. Kotikov

“5 Children”

“Ashima’s Song”

Turlough O’Carolan

“Musical priest”

A. Kotikov


Turlough O’Carolan

“Captain O’Kane”

“Princess Royal”

A. Kotikov

“Wizard’s Song”

E. Grieg

“In the Hall of the Mountain King”

A. Kotikov 


English folk song “Greensleeves”

R. Blackmore

“Ghost of a Rose”

M. Reger

Introduction for organ

C. Orff

“O Fortuna”

The concert will please both Tolkien’s fans and those who approach his works for the first time. Popular classical compositions and contemporary tunes will take us all, kids and grown ups, to a fairy tale.

В концерте звучали: Allen Organ, Celtic harp, Didgeridoo, Duduk, Flute, Harp, Kuhn Organ, Percussion, Recorder, Saxophone, Voice

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