August 16 (Wednesday), 20:00–21:30
Адрес: ул. Малая Грузинская, 27/13
Серия: Cathedral's Eve


Garry Eprikyan (organ)
Ilya Ushullu (bass)
Rustam Yavaev (countertenor)

В программе: G.B. Pergolesi, W.A. Mozart, B. Pasquini, G. Bassani, N. Zingarelli, Ch. Gounod, C. Franck, L. Boëllmann, J. Langlais

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A high countertenor striving up into the sky and a low wise bass. Together they sing, with organ accompaniment, old hymns to Our Lady. Who are they? A court minstrel and a noble knight? Or perhaps just two aspects of the human soul: lyric hero and philosopher? The first one is constantly calling us to unknown horizons that have in store both victories and bitter losses, while the second one helps to find meaning in everything. Our inner harmony is produced by their joint efforts.

B. Pasquini


W.A. Mozart

Motet “Sancta Maria”

G. Bassani

Cantata “Salve Regina”

G.B. Pergolesi

Cantata “Salve Regina”

G. Frescobaldi

Aria con variazioni per organo

W.A. Mozart

Motet “Ave verum corpus”

N. Zingarelli

Cantata “Salve Regina”

C. Franck (1822-1890)

“Panis angelicus”

L. Boëllmann

Toccata from “Suite Gothique”

J. Langlais

“Regina coeli”

C. Franck

“Ave Maria”

Ch. Gounod

“Regina coeli”

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