Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 15 July 2017 года

Series: Cathedral's Eve

The concert features:

Programme: G. Fauré, D. Bortniansky, J. Van Berchem, Ch. Hamm, M. Blanter, Ch. Azanavour, B. Ruthmann, J. Bovet and others

The French music is delightful – all the more so if it is performed by children. And if these are French kids who sing admirably, the concert has a good chance of becoming an unforgettable event. The performance of a children’s ensemble from the small French town of Guewenheim meets all these conditions.

Список исполнителей будет опубликован позднее!

Classical and Sacred Music

G. Fauré
“Cantique de Jean Racine”

D. Bortniansky
“Dostoyno yest”

Ch. Hamm
“Jesu dulcis memoria”

B. Ruthmann
Notre Père “En échos”

M. Strokin
“Slava V Vychnih Bogou”

J. Van Berchem
“O Jesu Christe”

D. Bortniansky
“Tebe Poem”

Traditional African Spirituals

Traditional Spiritual “I’m gonna sing”
Traditional Zulu Song “Aya Ngena”
Traditional Zulu Song “Ukuthula”

French and International Varieties

Chalom (Jewish)

Ch. Azanavour

F.S. Pierpoint
“For the beauty of the earth” (arrangement John Rutter)

M. Fugain
“Je n’aurai pas le temps”

M. Blanter

Ch. Trenet
“La mer”

R. Cagne
“Le chant des saisons”

J. Bovet
“Le lutin du chalet des Rêbes”

P. Delanoë and G. Bécaud
“Nathalie” (arrangement R. Passaquet)

We listened to: Children's choir, Choir, Organ

Tags: Angelic voices, Fairy tale, Organ and choir