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August 14 (Wednesday), 20:00–21:30

Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Cathedral's Eve

Featured Artists:

Anna Yurkova (organ)
Natalia Dyachenko (violin)

Programme: J. S. Bach, J. Pachelbel, T. A. Vitali, J. Brahms, J. G. Rheinberger, S. Karg-Elert, F. Kreisler

Ticket prices 800 (400) to 2000

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This concert is meant for true connoisseurs of organ and violin music. Top German chamber compositions by Pachelbel, Bach and Brahms represent the perfection of harmony and form. But the concert program is not limited to Germany: it includes Tomaso Vitali’s famous Chaconne and a well-known piece by the great Austrian violinist Fritz Kreisler.

Laureate of international competitions
Anna Yurkova (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Natalia Dyachenko (violin)

J. S. Bach

Prelude and fugue in D minor, BWV 539

Chorale prelude Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele, BWV 654


F. Kreisler

Praeludium and Allegro in the Style of Pugnani


J. S. Bach

Organ concerto in G major, BWV 592


J. Brahms

Chorale prelude Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele


S. Karg-Elert

Chorale prelude Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele


J. G. Rheinberger

Suite for violin and organ, Oр. 166


J. Pachelbel

Chaconne in F minor


T. A. Vitali

Chaconne in G minor for violin and continuo

Please note that the programme may be subject to change.

We will listen to: Organ, Violin