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Location: A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow

Концерт состоялся 13 October 2019 года

A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, Blue Room

The concert features:

Anna Shkurovskaya (harp)
Anna Suslova (organ)

Programme: J. S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, F. Schubert, M. Grandjany, G. Fauré, G. Verdi, Y. Tiersen, G. Gershwin, N. Rota, J. Horner

Attention please!!! The concert is held at the A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow (not in the Cathedral!).

Many musical instruments have a certain public image. For instance, when the saxophone is mentioned, we think about jazz, and as for the organ, it is associated with sacred music. Now the harp is nowadays connected in this way with two spheres: Celtic music and all that is fairytalish in the classical music. However both the harp and the organ are capable of much more than we are used to expect from them. This concert features classical masterpieces by Bach, Vivaldi and Schubert, virtuoso harp music of the 20th century, Gershwin’s famous Summertime, a popular tune by Nino Rota and soundtracks of the movies Amélie and Titanic.


Laureate of international competitions
Anna Shkurovskaya (harp)

Laureate of international competitions
Anna Suslova (organ)

J. S. Bach

Schafe können sicher weiden (arranged for organ and harp)


A. Vivaldi 

Concerto for two violins, lute and basso continuo in D major, RV 93 (arranged for harp and organ)


F. Schubert

Ave Maria (arranged  for harp and organ)


M. Grandjany

Rhapsody for solo harp


G. Fauré

Sicilienne (arranged for organ and harp)


M. Grandjany

Aria in the Classic Style for organ and harp


G. Verdi

Brindisi from the opera Traviata (arranged for organ and harp)


Y. Tiersen

Music from the movie Amélie (arranged for organ and harp)


G. Gershwin

Summertime (arranged for organ and harp)


N. Rota

Music from the movie Romeo and Juliet (arranged for organ and harp)


J. Horner

Music from the movie Titanic (arranged for organ and harp)

We listened to: Allen Organ, Harp