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Концерт состоялся 11 February 2018 года

Series: Cathedral's Eve

Three worlds of Old Spain in music for organ, voice and percussion

The most emotional concert of the month!

The concert features extracts of works by Spanish poets

The concert features:

Maria Aria (soprano)
Maria Moiseeva (organ)
Natalia Dubrovskaya (mezzo-soprano)

Programme: A. de Cabezon, A. Mudarra, J. Vasquez, E. Valderrábano, F. Correa de Araujo, S. Aguilera de Heredia, D. Pisador, F. de la Torre, Spanish and Sephardic folk songs

What can be better than travelling to a warm land at the end of winter? Especially in the carnival season and on the threshold of the Feast of Saint Valentine, the Patron Saint of those who are in love.

This concert is a musical journey on a “flying carpet” over the fairytalish and amazing Iberia. This land is bright and tender like Eastern silk, dynamic and fanciful like our favourite fairy tales and precious like a person we care for.

The three worlds of Spain:

The 15th century was the time of extraordinary cultural flourishing in Spain, numerous local musicians were famous not only in the Kingdom of Spain, but also far outside its borders, while the country itself was a constellation of three worlds, three original cultural layers: Arabic, Sephardic and Christian.

About the programme:

The concert is a reflexion of the splendour of the Spanish music of that period and also of the “Golden Age” of Spain, the 16th and the 17th centuries. The programme includes brilliant organ pieces that never cease to impress by their virtuosity, and madrigals of amazing beauty by famous composers who lived at the royal court. But the compositions of anonymous authors of those ages are not less beautiful. Folk songs with their emotional beats can be heard in the streets of Spanish cities and towns nowadays, many hundreds of years after they were composed. A striking combination of the three cultures will help to warm up our frozen feelings and emotions and remind that the hot summer does not vanish when snowstorms come, it may continue to live in our hearts.

Laureate of international competitions
Maria Aria (soprano)

Laureate of international competitions
Maria Moiseeva (organ)

Laureate of international competitions
Natalia Dubrovskaya (mezzo-soprano)

A. de Cabezon

Tiento del quinto tono

A. Mudarra

“Si me llaman a mi”

J. Vasquez

“En la fuente del rosel”

E. Valderrábano

“De donde venís amores”

A. de Cabezon

La Gallarda Milanesa, variations

F. Correa de Araujo

Tiento sobre la Batalla de Morales

Sephardic folk songs of the 15th c.

“Hija mia”

“La rosa enflorece”


“Quando el rey Nimrod”

S. Aguilera de Heredia


Sephardic folk song “La reina Jerifa mora”

Spanish folk song “Tres morillas de Jaén”

D. Pisador

“La mañana de San Juan”

H. de Cabezon

“Dulce memoria”

F. Correa de Araujo

Tiento del segundo tono

Catalonian folk song “Dindirindín”

F. de la Torre

“Pámpano verde”

Spanish folk song “Rodrigo Martínez”

This is an event for those who like fairy tales and travelling and for those who want to pass a pleasant Sunday evening before Lovers' Day. Positive emotions and the organ music of the three worlds: Arabic, Sephardic and Spanish.

We listened to: Kuhn Organ, Organ, Voice

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