August 9 (Wednesday), 20:00–21:30
Адрес: ул. Малая Грузинская, 27/13
Серия: Cathedral's Eve


Jean-Philippe Le Trévou (organ, France)

В программе: Organ improvisations on Biblical topics in the Italian Renaissance painting

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The concert is accompanied by projected images of Italian paintings.

What does a composer need to create beautiful music? A goose feather, a super strong computer, higher education? All these things are important, but what is more important is inspiration. If it doesn’t show up, it’s not worth starting, we’d better wait. However the improviser cannot wait: he comes on stage on a fixed day and is supposed to create a piece of music right away. In comparison with pre-written pieces, this one is unpredictable and extremely fresh, like a curious face catching your eye in the crowd. In most cases the artist chooses a certain melody as a basis and adds his own thoughts and moods. Tonight it is not melodies but paintings that will serve as themes for improvising: masterpieces by Giotto, Leonard da Vinci, Caravaggio and other great Italian painters of the Renaissance dedicated to Biblical topics.

The whole recital is improvising, i.e. creating music right away!

Внимание! В программе возможны изменения!

В концерте звучат: Kuhn Organ

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