Концерт состоялся 9 June 2017 года
Серия: Evening by Candlelight, Organists of the World

Chanson fran?aise


Francis Vidil (organ and trumpet, France)

В программе: improvisations on the themes of French chansons

Ageless melodies of French chansons for trumpet and organ. A normal instrumental duo. But there is only one person playing, Francis Vidil, one man orchestra. He takes the trumpet with his right hand while his left hand and both feet are performing organ polyphony. His appearance and his light manner of playing remind of Mozart, and indeed he has played the role of the great composer on stage and in films more than once. Mozart artfully improvising on the themes of ?dith Piaf and Charles Aznavour – this is not to be missed.

This recital is an improvisation!

Chanson fran?aise

В концерте звучали: Kuhn Organ, Trumpet

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