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November 8 (Sunday), 16:00–17:30
Location: A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow

A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, Blue Room

Featured Artists:

ARTBENE Duo: Anna Vetlugina (organ, piano) & Dmitry Maximenko (organ, piano)
Iskandar Akhmedov (declamation, violin)

Programme: cover on tunes from "Harry Potter" series and extracts from J. Rowling's series of novels of the same name

Ticket prices 1500 to 1500

Attention please!!! The concert takes place at the A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow (not in the Cathedral!).

Soundtracks from the famous “Harry Potter” series arranged for cinema organ and violin.

Cinema organ was invented in the early 20th century to accompany plays and silent movies. In fact in America it was often organists, not pianists, who played at silent movies. The cinema organ has a lot of effects, it imitates a whole orchestra, and in a much subtler way than the synthesizer, because the organist can mix various timbres while playing, and thus he creates his own unique sound.

Fragments from J. Rowling’ text will be read with a live organ improvisation.

Pupil of the Central School of Music of the Moscow State Conservatory, laureate of all-Russian and international competitions
Iskandar Akhmedov (declamation, violin)

The programme will be published soon
We will listen to: Allen Organ, Piano, Violin