Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 7 March 2018 года

Series: Cathedral's Eve

Dedicated to Women's Day

The concert features:

Olesya Kravchenko (organ)
Sergey Govorov (saxophone)

Programme: J.S. Bach, D. Cimarosa, C. Debussy, S. Prokofyev, A. Flyarkovsky, D. Brubeck, H.-A. Stamm

This concert is a March 8 gift, an amazing event not only for classical music lovers.

There are unions that seem to have come into existence in spite of any good reason. And, strange though it may seem, each party supplements the other. This is the case of the union between organ and saxophone. It is strange, that, despite all the difference of appearance and timbre, they are brothers. Indeed the organ is a pipe instrument, as well as the saxophone, though it possesses keyboards. Tonight you have a rare opportunity to listen to a dialogue of the two instruments: they either merge in perfect harmony or argue, as if each of them were defending its priority right in the world of music. But whether their conversation is a heart to heart talk or a quarrel between friends, it is always interesting and deserves close attention of  music connoisseurs.

Laureate of international competitions
Olesya Kravchenko (organ)

Laureate of international competitions, Yamaha artist
Sergey Govorov (saxophone)

D. Brubeck

“Take five” for alto saxophone and organ

H.-A. Stamm

Hymn and “Pick Five” for alto saxophone and organ

J.S. Bach

Toccata and fugue in D minor, BWV 565

D. Cimarosa

Concerto for oboe and orchestra in C major (transcribed for soprano saxophone and organ)

G. Thalben-Ball

Variations on Paganini’s theme for organ pedal solo

M. Garson

Jazz variations on Paganini’s theme for alto saxophone and organ

J. Garland

“In the Mood” from “Sun Valley Serenade” for alto saxophone and organ

C. Debussy

“Syrinx” (transcribed for saxophone solo)

Rapsodie (transcribed for alto saxophone and organ)

S. Prokofiev  

Toccata, Op. 11 (transcribed for organ by J. Guyou)

A. Flyarkovsky

“School Waltz” (transcribed for alto saxophone and organ)

A romantic evening in the Cathedral means beautiful music of the romantic and popular classical composers. A splendid choice for those who are looking for an unusual Women’s Day gift.

We listened to: Kuhn Organ, Saxophone

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