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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 6 November 2019 года

Mysterium Catholicum

Alfred Schnittke is a whole epoch of Russian musical culture. In the Soviet period he was persecuted because of his ultra avant-garde music, meanwhile there was no lack of love of his works on the part of the audience. His unusual and extremely beautiful movie soundtracks are still popular. Another important field he was interested in was sacred music, genres of liturgical music. Since in the Soviet Union all that had to do with religion was a taboo subject, he had to rely on his intuition without plunging deeply into the tradition. Thus his sacred compositions are unusual to the point of uniqueness. For example his Requiem has a very unconventional set of instruments: organ, piano, bass guitar, percussion. Nevertheless this is authentic Christian music. It’s a pity the great composer never had a chance to listen to his Requiem in the main Catholic church of Russia, but as for us, we do have this opportunity.

A. Schnittke

Requiem from the music for Schiller’s Don Carlos for soloists, mixed choir and instrumental ensemble in 14 parts

We listened to: Bass guitar, Celesta, Choir, Lead guitar, Orchestra, Organ, Percussion, Piano