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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 6 June 2018 года

Cathedral's Eve

The concert features:

Alia Mukhametgaleeva
Anna Yurkova (organ)
Dmitry Kolupaev (oboe)
Marina Glazkova (soprano)

Programme: D. Buxtehude, A. Vivaldi, F. Couperin, G. F. Handel, J. S. Bach, J.-L. Krebs, J.-B. Lœillet

Why is baroque music so fashionable these days? Perhaps the growing popularity of non fiction literature is a related phenomenon. A plot is not enough for us, we look for hidden meanings and non-obvious ideas. That is, we want Knowledge, but we want it worded in a lively and literary way. All this can be found in the works of Baroque composers. Allegories and mysterious rhetorical figures combine with lightness that makes Baroque compositions friendly even to little kids.
Bach and his contemporaries’ elegant and melodious philosophy will be presented by a trio of organ, oboe and female voice.

Laureate of international competitions
Anna Yurkova (organ)

Laureate of an all-Russian competition
Dmitry Kolupaev (oboe)

Laureate of international competitions
Marina Glazkova (soprano)

D. Buxtehude

Passacaglia for organ in D minor, BuxWV 161


G. F. Handel

Aria “Süsser Blumen Ambraflocken” from “Nine German Arias”


J.-L. Krebs

Fantasia for oboe and organ in G minor


F. Couperin

Three fragments from the “Convent Mass” for organ


J.-B. Lœillet

Sonata for oboe and organ in C major


A. Vivaldi

Aria “Nulla in mundo pax sincera” from the sacred motet


J. S. Bach

Chorale prelude Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Ehr’, BWV 662

Aria “Flösst, mein Heiland” from the “Christmas Oratorio”

Passacaglia for organ, BWV 582

Aria “Quia respexit” from “Magnificat”

We listened to: Kuhn Organ, Oboe, Voice

Tags: A romantic evening, Organ and oboe, Virtuoso performance