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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 6 April 2019 года

Mysterium Catholicum

Sacred Music Festival in the Cathedral: Music for Lent

The concert features:

Matthias Giesen (organ, Austria)
Schola Floriana (Austria)
Thomas Wall (cello, Austria)

Programme: D. Buxtehude, G. Palestrina, N. Rota, M. Reger, Ch.-M. Widor and more

Nino Rota is one of the most quoted composers. The Godfather and Romeo & Juliet soundtracks are familiar to all, but only a few know that maestro wrote sacred music as well. His most beautiful mass will be presented by the male choir of  the monasterial basilica of St. Florian in Upper Austria. The concert also features Giovanni Palestrina’s Lamentations of Jeremiah coming from the Renaissance. Besides Gregorian chant, we are going to listen to a cello and to the Cathedral’s big pipe organ.

Commentary is provided by Piotr Sakharov, PhD in Philological sciences.

Artistic director of the festival St Florianer Brucknertage
Matthias Giesen (organ, Austria)

D. Buxtehude

Toccata for organ in F major, BuxWV 156


Gregorian introit of the 5th Sunday of Lent Judica me Deus


G. P. Palestrina

Recordare Domine from Holy Saturday Readings of Lamentations of Jeremiah for 4 voices (1588)


Th. Wall

Cello improvisation on Lamentations of Jeremiah


J. S. Bach

Prelude and Sarabande from Suite for cello No. 2, BWV 1008/1,4


N. Rota

Messa breve for male choir and organ


M. Reger

Largo from Suite for solo cello in D minor, Op. 131c


N. Kedrov

O Tiebe raduetsya

Our Father


Ch.-M. Widor

Finale from Organ sympony No. 4,  Op. 13/4

We listened to: Cello, Choir, Kuhn Organ