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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 6 January 2018 года


10th International Christmas Festival "The Art of Good"
Supported by the Embassy of Switzerland

Christmas in the Alps
Alpine fairy tale
Alpen X-mas

The concert features:

Esther Bollinger (organ, Switzerland)
Lisa Stoll (alphorn, Switzerland)

Programme: arrangements of Swiss and Russian folk tunes, pieces by contemporary composers of Switzerland and other European countries

A Christmas programme from Switzerland!

Mountains as a means to get closer to the sky have always attracted man. They accumulate legends. In the mountains it is impossible to think about ephemeral bustle, while the eternity comes very close and sounds like music. In fact there are special tunes and musical instruments in the mountains, for instance the alphorn. Its name seems to refer to something of a small size, however the horn reaches several metres in length. It is made of a whole trunk of a silver fir, and the tree has to be perfectly straight. The voice of the horn is crystally clear, like the air in the mountains. Except for one special musical note absent from our usual scale, so it cannot be played on the piano.

Rico Peterelli


Mons Leidvin Takle

Power of Life


Alphorn Solo

Fritz Tschannen

Alpine Idylle

Russian Lovesong

Ferdinand Buomberger


Allan Rosenheck



Theres Linder

Blue Suite

Blue Water

Allan Rosenheck

American Suite


Grimoaldo Macchia

Gathered together in the love of God


Roland Schwab



Jacob de Haan



Christmas song

Those who come to the concert will probably lose all sense of time plunging into melodies, created by numerous generations of Alpine shepherds. A splendid alphorn-player will present the history of the folk music of Switzerland, a country of heavenly beauty and tranquillity, that wonderfully escaped participation in the world wars. The majestic sound of the organ will serve as a perfect background for the mountain musical instrument.

We listened to: Alphorn, Kuhn Organ, Organ

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