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Location: A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow

Концерт состоялся 3 March 2019 года

A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, Blue Room

The concert features:

Encarnacion Ensemble (artistic director – Vyacheslav Polovyanov)
Tatiana Andrianova (organ)

Programme: G. B. Bassani, G. Frescobaldi, J. S. Bach, D. Zipoli, L. Marchand

Attention please!!! The concert is held at the A. P. Bogolubov Arts Library, 14 Sushchovskaya street, Moscow (not in the Cathedral!).

The central place in the program belongs to the music of Italian composer Giovanni Battista Bassani (c. 1657-1716), revised by the missionaries of the 18th century. A unique fusion of Indian tunes and the traditional European Baroque developed into an inimitable style that has been available to the audience since recently, since as late as the beginning of the 21st century.

G. B. Bassani

Missa a la fuga de San Joseph

(Russian première)


D. Zipoli



G. Frescobaldi

Toccata terza


J. S. Bach

Choral prelude Nun komm’, der Heiden Heiland


L. Marchand

Dialogue (Troisième livre d’orgue)


G. B. Bassani

Missa Encarnación

(Russian première)

Who is the event meant for?

For those interested in history, ethnic music and unusual musical projects.

Why go there?

A unique program!

We listened to: Allen Organ