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Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 3 January 2018 года


10th International Christmas Festival "The Art of Good"
Supported by the Embassy of Spain in Russia and by the Cervantes Institute in Moscow

The concert features:

Juan de la Rubia (organ)
Pau Figueres (Spanish guitar)

Programme: E. Gigout, F. García Lorca, J. Rodrigo, I. Albéniz, M. de Falla

Guitar music in the flamenco style is always popular with the audience all over the world. But Russia with its severe northern climate has a special liking for these hot beats. A Christmas program of a brilliant Spanish duo, guitar & organ, is a perfect New Year gift to Russian concert-goers.

The famous Spanish guitarist Pau Figueres is a musician of the modern mentality who is at the same time profoundly acquainted with traditions. He produces musical ideas on the crossroads of epochs and genres. Whatever kind of music he turns to, from classics to contemporary jazz and pop music, his manner of playing demonstrates respect and admiration towards any genre. His style is a mixture of classics and flamenco, but perhaps a better comment to his musical portrait would be “guitar without boundaries”. With equal freedin he travels around the world, taking part in joint musical projects with famous musicians of various styles.

The other participant of the duo is Juan de la Rubia, who “ combines naturalness and spontaneity, which he exercises with exquisite technique”, according to the press. Besides, his “mentality of a conductor” is mentioned, that allows him to highlight a lot of individual shades in the deep and powerful organ palette. Juan de la Rubia is one of the best known Spanish organists. He has received the Primer Palau Prize granted by the Palau de la Música Catalana and is famous as a strong and original improviser. The sphere of classic organ skills is one of his strong points, too. His interpretation of Bach’s complete works for organ, programmed by the Auditorio Nacional in Madrid, gained high appreciation from the audience.


We listened to: Guitar, Kuhn Organ, Organ

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