Address: 27/13 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Концерт состоялся 1 November 2017 года

Series: Mysterium Catholicum

On All Saints Day
"Helikon-Opera" Moscow Musical Theatre directed by Dmitry Bertman

The concert features:

Choir and Orchestra of the "Helikon-Opera" Theatre
Dmitry Skorikov (bass)
Igor Morozov (tenor)
Irina Reynard (mezzo-soprano)
Natalya Zagorinskaya (soprano)

Programme: W.A. Mozart: Requiem

Attention please! On Concert day the tickets will cost twice the initial price!

Mozart’s Requiem is back in the Catholic Cathedral of Moscow. The funeral mass, one of the most famous masterpieces of the great Austrian composer, is surrounded by contradictory legends. As new historical facts blur the boundary between reality and fiction, why don’t we come and find an answer to the crucial question: who was the Black Messenger who commissioned Mozart’s last composition? What’s more, the immortal masterpiece will be performed by the Helikon-Opera’s big symphony orchestra, choir and soloists, and their performance is considered one of the best versions of the Requiem. A concert taking place in a church will help to perceive the harmony of the music created by a genius and of the liturgical texts that inspired him.

W.A. Mozart

Requiem in D minor for soloists, choir and orchestra, KV 626

A special concert of the Helicon-Opera in the Cathedral!

The legendary Requiem that annually gathers thousands of listeners in the Catholic Cathedal of the Russian capital is not only a piece of eternal classical music performed in the acoustics of a functioning church, but also a special tradition for many Muscovites.

We listened to: Choir, Orchestra

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