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How can the modern man with his problems and the hustle and bustle of his everyday life avoid going mad? Psychologists are eager to offer us recipes for happiness and inner tranquility, but perhaps what we need is just a fairy-tale, an entertaining and edifying story where each one is recompensed for his deeds? We all grew up on fairy tales, the fairy tale is the key to our childhood, when our home used to turn into a wonderland inhabited by fantastic creatures. A concert based on the famous “Scarlet Sails” and presented by gifted artists will turn the Cathedral into a mysterious castle, the text and the music will create a miraculous atmosphere. An unusual combination of musical instruments: organ, harp, saxophone, flute and duduk – will accompany the narration giving a new interpretation to both contemporary compositions and our favourite classical masterpieces. Even Astor Piazzolla’s meditative tangos may give us new emotions. And as for the plot, it is sure to please both the youngest listeners and their parents. Indeed we are all in need of a beautiful story.