The noble voice of the king of musical instruments in a neo-gothic Cathedral impresses frequent listeners and never fails to amaze those who have decided to listen to a big organ for the first time. Silvius von Kessel, an organist from Germany, is a true connoisseur of Bach’s music; indeed he was appointed President and Artistic Director of the “Thüringer Bachwochen”, the biggest classical music festival in Thuringia, and founded the “International BACH/LISZT Organ Competition Erfurt-Weimar”. Besides Johann Sebastian’s organ masterpieces, there are a few pleasant surprises in store for the audience. The organ of the French tradition may sound powerful or it may offer unusual subtle timbre combinations, and this variety will be demonstrated in full at tonight’s recital. The works of Nicolas de Grigny, a great organist of the Baroque age, and of Louis Vierne, a famous organist of Notre Dame de Paris who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, combine beautiful melodies with the rich timbre of a big organ. The French attitude to Bach’s music is presented by a transcription by Marcel Dupré. Sylvius von Kessel’s recital ends with an improvisation, and its emotional impact and harmony will certainly be appreciated by the audience.