Why is “The Little Mermaid”, one of the most famous fairy tales by Andersen, so sad? Or let’s put it in another way: why did such a sad tale become so famous? Indeed it is considered the symbol of Denmark and admired by children and adults all over the world. We watch films, cartoons and musicals based on it. Is it for the sake of feeling sad? Of course not! The message of the wonderful tale is not at all sadness, but love. The true love is free of selfishness and shares the happiness of the loved one, even if he is happy with someone else. It is for such love that the Little Mermaid obtains a treasure she would never have dreamt of: an immortal soul. And as for us, after listening to the marvellous story we will probably feel we need to show more appreciation to those who love us.

Andersen’s splendid text will be recited inside a Neo-Gothic cathedral. Carefully selected classical compositions will create a live soundtrack: listening to organ, harp and vocal music, we will recognize the voice of the protagonist in the famous aria from Dvořák’s “Mermaid”, and a beautiful waltz by Tchaikovsky will take us to her first ball.