Music of the World’s Cathedrals. Stefano Manfredini (organ, Italy)
20:00 - 21:30
29.03.17 (Wed), 20:00

In the framework of the 4th International Festival “Musical Tribute to J.S. Bach”

Organist of St. Domenico’s church in Modena,
main organist of St. Giovanni Bosco’s church in Bologna,
vice-president of the Organ’s Friends “J.S. Bach” Association
Stefano Manfredini

Stefano Manfredini, organist from Italy, is highly professional: he never stops improving and never misses an opportunity to perfect the quality of his art. For instance, he studies theology and improvisation and carefully examines drawings of organ builders of distant times. Once he had a chance to play an ancient harmonium, and now he knows everything about this musical instrument. He takes care of old organs situated in small and obscure churches of Italy. For years he has been spending a portion of his box office revenues on restoring them and he sees to it that none of the instruments falls into decay.
No matter what kind of music he is playing at the moment: the austere Bach, the romantic Brahms or his own improvisation, he loves what he is playing. Every musical note is in its place, and the listeners feel comfortable and serene, as if they were guests of a welcoming host.

Program: J.S. Bach, J. Pachelbel, J. Brahms, A. Guilmant, J. Rheinberger, P. Yon, V. Petrali and others

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