A. Vivaldi. “The Four Seasons” for Organ and Balalaika
20:30 - 22:00
28.04.17 (Fri), 20:30

Laureates of all-Russian and international competitions
Ekaterina Spirkina (organ)
Vyacheslav Chayran (prima balalaika)

Can you imagine a radio performance of a play by Shakespeare recited by a child? By a perfectly talented child? What would you feel? First of all, by no doubt, cognitive dissonance. But the child prodigy would pronounce the familiar lines in such a way that you wouldn’t be able to tear yourself away from listening. And when the track is over, you would at once replay it. Now you are likely to feel something of the kind while listening to Vivaldi’s famous “Four Seasons” arranged for organ and balalaika. The sound of the main Russian instrument is clear and naïve. Some scientists even think that it derives its name from the Turkic word “bala” (child). But the expressive capabilities of the balalaika are unexpectedly broad, and a virtuoso can make his audience cry or laugh or fly away to distant worlds. We shouldn’t miss this rare and daring and exotic version of the famous classical hit.

Program: A. Vivaldi (from “The Four Seasons” arranged for balalaika and organ), N. Bruhns, J.S. Bach, V. Kikta, A. Machavariani, A. Lyadov

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