Armenian Requiem. The 102nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
20:00 - 21:30
26.04.17 (Wed), 20:00

Laureates of international competitions
Vazgen Oganesyan (baritone)
Sergey Shitov (clarinet)
Alexey Rosov (violin, contrabass)

Artistic Director of the project
Ivan Lebedev (organ)

With the contribution of
Fr. Petros Yesayan

Armenian music is one of the oldest musical traditions in the world, it existed hundreds of years before Christ. Contemporary Armenian melodies contain fragments of ancient songs, just as fossil insects are preserved in precious amber. However there is a difference: these musical fragments are alive, demonstrating the continuity of time; the music rooted in ancient times is topical nowadays. It is often sad, as the people of Armenia have gone through a lot of severe trials over centuries. But this muisc contains faith that helps to see the bright sun behind black clouds.

The concert program includes pieces by A. Babajanian who is very well known to the Russian audience. We’ll have a chance to become familiar with the music of Komitas, monk and legendary composer, admired by Debussy. We are going to listen to compositions by Makar Yekmalyan whose “fan club” includes G. Verdi and C. Saint-Saëns. The compositions will be performed by a culture bearer, remarkable baritone Vazgen Oganesyan, accompanied by organ, clarinet, violin and contrabass.

Program: Komitas, J. Speth, M. Yekmalyan, M. Ravel, A. Ayvazyan, A. Babajanian and others

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