Millennium. Mysteries of Gregorian Chant
19:30 - 21:00
26.03.17 (Sun), 19:30

Anastasia Bondareva (soprano)
Dmitry Maximenko (tenor)
Oganes Kazaryan (duduk)

Titular organist
of the Roman Catholic Cathedral
of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Marina Omelchenko (organ)

We are very good at orienting in a city and feel at home with new electronic devices, but do we know our own soul that well? What does it need, what does it dream about? Its low voice can hardly be heard in the noise and fuss of our everyday routine. To be able to hear it and to achieve harmony people travel far away: to enjoy the ancient purity of Lake Baikal or to plunge into the exotic Indian culture. But there is a way to experience deep meditation without leaving Moscow.
A unique concert of ancient songs will make you lose all sense of time: Gregorian and Byzantine chant, Aramaic canticles that could be familiar to Jesus Christ himself. Scientists have found out that this music is capable of carrying its listeners out of the habitual reality. Its irregular “fluid” beats neutralize muscular energy in a surprising way, and we feel as if we were in another dimension. This extraordinary effect will be increased by the wonderful sound of the Armenian duduk – by the way, its name means “soul of the apricot tree”. The music produced by the Armenian duduk is acknowledged a masterpiece of UNESCO’s World Immaterial Cultural Heritage.
And to safely return to our normal reality, we’ll have recourse to J.S. Bach’s pieces – classical, but not less beautiful.

Program: Chant Anthology: from Gregorian to contemporary chant. Gregorian chant, Byzantine chant, Aramaic canticles, ancient Armenian canticles

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