Jean Richafort & Composers of the 21st Century
20:00 - 22:00
25.03.17 (Sat), 20:00

“Opera Apriori” International Festival

“Intrada” Vocal Ensemble
directed by Ekaterina Antonenko

Aylen Pritchin (violin)
Sergey Poltavsky (viola)
Sergey Suvorov (cello)

So many historical and action films have been made about the age of Columbus, that it seems almost familiar to us. We can imagine costumes of sailors and kings of the epoch, but it is doubtful weather we know what music they listened to. However the sound has more power to carry us to this or that period of time than the picture. Just think of the famous Rio Rita, symbol of the epoch preceding the World War II! The music of the age of Columbus expresses the spirit of the age in which man still perceived the world created by God as integral unity but was already preparing to start a solitary journey of individualism. This music, mostly vocal, is like a Gothic cathedral built of human voices. An ordinary contemporary choir cannot cope with it. But nowadays there are special musical groups capable of reconstructing the musical reality of remote centuries.

Tonight we are going to listen to the Requiem by a contemporary of Columbus, Jean Richafort, dedicated to the memory of Josquin Desprez whose songs were sung once upon a time in every street of Paris. The program also includes pieces by the composers of the 21st century who share the aesthetic ideals of the Renaissance.

Program: Jean Richafort (c.1480 – c.1547), Arman Gushchyan, Vladimir Rannev, Alexey Sysoev, Franck Christoph Yeznikian, Klaus Lang

Tickets: Big Bilet

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