Albrecht Koch’s Organ Recital
20:00 - 21:30
22.03.17 (Wed), 20:00

In the framework of the 4th International Festival “Musical Tribute to J.S. Bach”

Organist and Cantor of the Freiberg Cathedral (Saxony)
Albrecht Koch (Germany)

We call Germany the country of philosophers. And indeed it has produced a great amount of intellectual values famous in the whole world. Unfortunately these treasures of the human mind and spirit are not accessible to all because the language of philosophy is too complicated. Of course, if we seek knowledge, we may start reading philosophical dictionaries, but there is another way: we can listen to the German organ music that reaches the profundity of all the wisdom a human being is capable of embracing. And as we receive this most precious information not through our mind but directly through our heart, not only will we perceive its multifaceted sense, but we may also become a little happier.
A lesson of musical philosophy will be given by an acknowledged master from Germany, thus the genuine German quality is guaranteed. His art makes an enormous impression and takes the listeners to a new intellectual level. The program includes pieces by J.S. Bach, J. Rheinberger, N. Gade and contemporary German composers.

Program: J.S. Bach, N. Gade, J. Rheinberger, S. Schleiermacher, E. Hildén

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