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Концерт состоялся 16 April 2017 года

Серия: Cathedral's Eve

Выступали:"Solveig" International Vocal Centre Ensemble of Soloists
Gleb Karpushkin (French horn)
Marina Omelchenko (organ)
Oleg Yakubovich (oboe)
Olga Ionova (soprano)
Фестивальный оркестр Фредди Кадены

В программе:J.S. Bach, G.F. Handel, J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart

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We are so different. We speak different languages, our tastes in food and entertainments differ, and our level of education is not the same. But none of us – neither a three years old child, nor a professor of philosophy – is able to give a thorough answer to the question: where do we come from and where do we go? Thus the atmosphere of the spring feast of Easter, feast of renovation and victory of life over death, is dear to all of us, even to atheists.

What kind of music is suitable for such a comprehensive feast? Indeed everyone has his or her own preferencies… But no doubt the world’s two top composers are Mozart and Bach. And one doesn’t need to enter their fan club to get rid of the remainder of winter spleen by means of their music, as the sun warms everyone regardless of his or her ideas.

Enjoy a solemn orchestral interpretation of the great classics’ masterpieces and a solo of the trumpet, the most cheerful musical instrument, set off by the noble chivalrous horn and oboe reminding of shepherds and their flocks. Besides the program includes vocal melodies performed by a soloist of the “New Opera”.


Программа будет опубликована ближе к концерту

В концерте звучали: French horn, Kuhn Organ, Oboe, Orchestra, Organ, Vocal

В нескольких словах (теги): Holiday, Organ and orchestra

Фотографии с концерта «Big Easter Concert. Freddy Cadena’s Festival Orchestra»

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