Mozart. Requiem
19:30 - 21:00
05.03.17 (Sun), 19:30

A.A. Yurlov State Academic Choir of Russia
Art director and chief conductor –
Meritorious Artist of Russia, professor
Gennady Dmitryak

Chamber «Antonio-orchestra»
Art director and chief conductor – Anton Paisov

Laureate of international competitions
Olesya Kravchenko (organ)

Once upon a time someone knocked at the door of a famous composer. It was a man in black with his face covered by a half mask. He wanted to order a Requiem for a person who wished to remain anonymous. Isn’t it a good beginning for a mystery thriller? But this is a true story, it happened to Mozart and had nothing mystical about it. A count named Franz fon Walsegg was in the habit of performing beautiful music in his castle, claiming it was his own. And now he needed a perfect masterpiece for his late wife. The susceptible Mozart who was unaware of this background considered the event to be an evil omen. Probably this negative autosuggestion harmed him more than the well-known mythical poisoning that does not go with Salieri’s good nature. But the Requiem having absorbed the fears of the genius and his courageous struggle against them turned out a tremendous masterpiece. Though it may rather be defined a concert composition than a sacred one, it implements the main idea of Christianity – victory over death.

W.A. Mozart “Requiem”, “Fantasia in fa minor” KV 608, “Adagio and allegro for organ” KV 593

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