A Beautiful Evening in May. A Recital of Hiroko Inoue (organ, Japan)
20:00 - 21:30
03.05.17 (Wed), 20:00

Laureate of international competitions
Hiroko Inoue (organ, Japan)

Do we find our life interesting? Not everyone is lucky enough to have this feeling every day. In order to “awake” themselves some people attend special personality trainings. What else can help us to see the world anew? For instance, Japanese culture. It has developed in the isolation of island life and remains very specific but keeps conquering sympathy throughout the whole world. And no wonder, since the Japanese are champions in admiring the momentary. They’ve mastered the art of living here and now – the art that Europeans are lacking. By the way, Japanese traditional music is based on intervals of human breath and not on Pythagoras’ mathematical models we are accustomed to.

A musical meditation animated by the Japanese organist Hiroko Inoue will take us to the world of calligraphic harmony. Wonderful flower dances, a spring sea and the polyphony of birds’ voices. We’ve never imagined that the organ is able to sound like this. However the European classical music is also part of our guest’s repertoire. But what does he look like, Bach from the Land of the Rising Sun?

Program: J.S. Bach, N. De Grigny, M. Miyagi, T. Yoshimatsu

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