Arvo Pärt. Berliner Messe. Sergey Akhunov. Tenebrae
19:30 - 21:00
02.04.17 (Sun), 19:30

Laureate of international competitions
Chamber Choir of the Gnessin College
of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music

Art director and conductor
Laureate of international competitions
Pyotr Savinkov

Laureate of international competitions
Garry Yeprikyan (organ)

Alexander Mayboroda (violin)
Dmitry Usov (viola)
Pyotr Kondrashin (cello)

Arvo Pärt from Estonia is the most popular of contemporary academic composers. He started as an avant-garde artist, though it was far from easy to promote such music in the Soviet Union. He was courageously upholding his right to creative self-expression, but then his life changed dramatically. After receiving baptism he was disappointed in the ideals of the musical avant-garde and fell silent. It took him several years to find his “true” self, and in the silence of his voluntary seclusion a new style was born. The author called it “tintinnabuli”, the Latin for bells. Not only is this music wonderfully beautiful, but it also produces a beneficial effect and even helps to improve the condition of seriously ill patients.

A mixed choir and organ are going to perform Pärt’s famous “Berlin Mass”. The program also includes music written by a very interesting Russian composer Sergey Akhunov. He often rejects work orders saying that real music only comes by revelation. His compositions are melodious and clear, but their simplicity is deceptive. Each piece has a solid background of meanings and traditions: from the epoch preceding Bach backwards to Ancient Greece and its great music theorist Pythagoras.

Program: C. Franck, E. Ustinskov, V. Miškinis, S. Akhunov, A. Pärt

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