Tickets are delivered for free! You can book tickets by calling +7 (499) 252-40-51 (Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 8 pm, Sunday 2 pm to 7 pm), and they will be delivered to you for free! Free delivery from Monday to Friday within The Moscow Automobile Ring Road from 11 am until 8 pm, not earlier than on the next day, if you order not less than 2 tickets (concessionary tickets excluded).
Delivery on Saturday and Sunday — 250 roubles.

Where can I obtain tickets for a concert in the Cathedral?
— You can obtain tickets online or directly in the box office of the Cathedral. The money raised by ticket distribution is used for maintaining the building of the Cathedral and for charitable projects of the De Boni Arte Foundation.

Are there any tickets available?
— We provide a limited number of tickets for online distribution. If the quota is exhausted, don’t be upset, search elsewhere: bigbilet, parter, ponominalu, ticketland, or go directly to the Cathedral. If no tickets are left even in the Cathedral, we put a special message on our website

When is the box office in the Cathedral open?
— From Tuesday to Saturday (closed on Monday!) from 11am until 8pm (or till the concert starts), lunch break from 2pm to 3pm.
— On Sunday from 3pm till the concert starts.

Where is the box office situated?
— If you purchase tickets in advance: enter the Cathedral, turn to your right and go upstairs to the office of the “De Boni Arte” Foundation (Music Commission of the Cathedral).
— If you purchase tickets an hour before the concert starts: enter the Cathedral, turn to your left and go downstairs to the reception desk.

Why are tickets so expensive? Are there any concessionary tickets?
It costs a lot to maintain the building of the Cathedral and the organs and to organize concerts, while the only source of financing of our Foundation is charity donations collected at the concerts.
However we have a system of discounts and quotas offered to organizations that help socially disadvantaged people.

Who is entitled to a concessionary ticket?
— preschool children,
— schoolchildren (if the child is obviously of school age, no certificate is necessary, while senior schoolchildren are recommended to show a document confirming they are entitled to a concessionary ticket),
— full time students (you need to show your student card),
— needy families (you need to show a respective document),
— large families (you need to show a respective document),
— pensioners (you need to show a respective document),
— disabled persons and veterans (you need to show a respective document).
Social centers: Please contact your center of social service or veteran council to get a free ticket. If the organization has not started cooperating with us yet, let its representatives contact us.

Too expensive for me anyway!
— You can go to discount websites or to our social media pages where we hold lotteries for tickets.

Do I need to buy a ticket just for visiting the Cathedral?
— No you don’t. The Catholic Cathedral in Malaya Gruzinskaya st. is a church open to visitors and for prayer daily from 7:30 am to 8 pm. Outside service hours, according to a centuries old tradition of Christian Cathedrals, concerts of sacred music are held here, and to attend them you need a ticket.

And how about excursions?
They are free of charge, and you can order them by calling+7 (499) 252-40-51. You don’t need to buy a ticket.